How it works

Your ambaram workspace

Ambaram cloud-based workspace is made up of specific brand teams where team members can communicate and work together similar to brick and mortar design studio

Organized conversations

In Ambaram, team members send messages and share design files in specific teams. They can create teams, projects that are relevant to your organization. You can make design sharing private for conversations that shouldn’t be open to all members, or you can use Ambaram to collaborate with external organizations from your own workspaces.


Searchable history

When messages and files are shared in public channels, information flows transparently throughout Ambaram. You can search your teams’ conversations and design sharing history in Ambaram to find relevant messages, files, design assents, and people. With Ambaram’s searchable history, design assets can become common company knowledge.

Ambaram calls

You can start a voice or video call with any other members of your workspace right from Ambaram. Share your screen to show your teammates exactly what you see on your computer – you can even draw on your screen while you’re screen sharing.

The wall – ai driven trends

Re-invent your fashion & lifestyle trend spotting, trend forecast, trend validation with ai powered trend space – The Wall. The sources include internal design sharing, approved vendor partners uploads, global designers, brands, retailers, and runways to get you predictions as per your theme.

Your team in Ambaram

Every Ambaram workspace has a team of members with varying administrative permissions. As a whole, a workspace is typically comprised of the following people:

Ambaram owners

Create the specific brand group and set permissions

Ambaram admins

Assigned by Ambaram owners to help manage the team

Ambaram owners

Can send messages and files to any team members in their workspace situated globally

Ambaram owners

Can send messages and files in a specific group

In an Enterprise Grid organization, there are also org owners and org admins who set permissions for all the workspaces within their organization.