How green is your design sourcing?

2020 – 21 is turning out to be a landmark tenure wherein digital solutions garner attention and thus increase customer’s expectations for a sustainable delivery model.  Eventually, that hints at a swaddle of opportunities lineup for those willing to evolve and bring a significant difference to society. As a rapidly moving industrial sector, fashion retail can benefit from peer-2-peer communications via digitization.

Another important vertical that will directly benefit from the digitization is the Supply Chain. Given the complexity of processes such as product tracking, reviewing, replacing, resolving adhoc disruptions and ensuring compliance, technology has a greater role to simplify this business function and cause lesser delays.

Not too far from now, we will see a comparative development that’ll disrupt the fashion retail sector like never before. Therefore, designers and other stakeholders must be trained to use these new design skills, for example, 3D design, concentrating on the circular economy, uniting business, beauty, and technology.

Ambaram is a Design collaboration Platform among various authorized stakeholders like  Designers, Buyers, and Vendor Teams located globally bringing brick and mortar design studio working to the cloud making it easy to take quick decisions on the next steps and signifying reducing design sampling